we are

Founded only in 2010, Alliance Aircraft Group has established itself quickly as a major provider of aircraft parts for military applications and commercial applications with customers around the globe. This task was accomplished by assembling a highly sought after inventory, creating a team that provides industry knowledge with over 30 years of experience, and using the latest IT technology. Combining these trades with the ultimate desire to provide 100% satisfactory service to our customers make Governments and commercial companies worldwide entrust us with their requirements to be filled quickly and efficiently.



"Best experience I ever had in the entire 20 years of doing business. Fantatsic communication & products." - Julie Herzigova, Director
"Great dealings with AAG for over 1 year. Never disappointed in service or products" - Carl Routen, Project Manager, Melinh Air Spares
we do?
We offer our 500,000+ aircraft parts inventory to customers worldwide, locate required parts or have them manufactured by an approved manufacturer.

Our customers consist of Governments worldwide, including the US AIR FORCE, UK AIR FORCE, FRENCH AIR FORCE, etc. We are also a Boeing approved vendor for military applications.

Our commercial clients vary from airline operators, maintenance companies to parts brokers.